This large-scale work by John McDonald serves as a monument to a complex range of references and experiences central to the artist’s work.  It is compelling that McDonald was in a London Underground train carriage exploded by a bomb in the attacks of July 2005.  Though it is tempting to read this work as relating directly to that devastating experience, this is more broadly a monument to the skills of making (Monument is made by hand by McDonald in his studio, without the use of heat or machines) and the older metal workers who taught a young McDonald these skills when he was an apprentice.  In turn, these mentors were survivors of the Second World War and were for McDonald an early and dignified example of how to keep living after extreme trauma.  Looking down in to this grand cylinder (a reminder of the industrial metal pipes McDonald once crawled inside) we can see the forms, rhythms and patterns of other times, drawing predominately from medieval cathedrals.